Q: How do I reserve the pool for a party? Does it cost anything?
A: Contact Ashley Jasmer at Homeside Properties: ajasmer@homesideproperties.com 
Depending on the day and time of your event, you may be subject to an extra lifeguard fee.
Q: My amenities card is missing or not working. How do I get a new one?
A: Contact Ashley Jasmer at ajasmer@homesideproperties.com or her assistant Aaron Harris at aharris@homesideproperties.com.  There is a $25 fee for replacement cards.
Q: Where can I pay my assessment fee?
Click Here to Pay Assessment 
Q: How can I contact the HOA if needed?
A: You can email the HOA at riverstoneplantationhoa@gmail.com.  Note: This email address SHOULD NOT be used for violation inquires, annual assessment/billing inquires, or exterior modification applications.  Those and other similar inquires/requests must go through Homeside Properties, our management company.  Please contact Ashley Jasmer at ajasmer@homesideproperties.com for any violation, assessment, or billing inquires.  
Q: Do I have to get approval from the Architectural Control Committee before modifying the exterior of my home?
A: Yes. Any modification made to the exterior of your home, front or back, must be approved by the ACC prior to completion.  The application can be found under the documents tab.  Completed applications and all supporting documentation can be emailed to: acc@homesideproperties.com.  Or hard copies can be mailed to: Homeside Properties, Inc 
                    2555 Westside Parkway, Ste 600
                    Alpharetta, GA 30004