POOL - The pool will be open on weekends only starting May 13th and daily starting May 25th. The pool will close October 1st. Pool hours are 9:00am - 9:00pm.
Lifeguards - Pool is SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK when a lifeguard is not on duty. Lifeguards will be present on the following days from 1pm - 9pm:
May 27th - 29th
June / Thursday - Sunday
July / Thursday - Sunday
July 4th weekend / Friday - Sunday
August / Saturday - Sunday
September 2nd - 4th
We will need volunteers to help open and close the pool. Click HERE to volunteer. 
PAVILION- The pavilion will be open for reservations. Please visit to make pavilion reservations.
TENNIS COURTS - The tennis courts are open for all residents to use at your own risk. The tennis courts are intended for tennis use only.  No wheels of any kind are permitted on the courts. ALTA teams are required to register with the HOA prior to each season and are also required to make court reservations for all practice sessions and matches.
BASKETBALL COURTS & PLAYGROUND - Both are open to use at your own risk. No wheels of any kind are permitted on the basketball court.
With warmer weather and Summer approaching, we will begin to see lots of activity in and around the amenities area. Everyone loves to see children and their families enjoying these common areas. Please speak with your children about respecting our amenities area. A lot of our damage and needed repairs/replacements are caused by our own resident children. Our goal is to keep our amenities area clean, safe, and fun for all ages to enjoy and we would greatly appreciate your assistance.